Ocean Brands Takes Major Steps in Responsible Seafood Sourcing


VANCOUVER — Ocean Brands has announced a major step forward in its commitment to environmental stewardship with an overhaul of its canned tuna and salmon product lines.

By the end of 2017, all of Ocean Brand’s light and value-added products will be sourced from free swimming (fish aggregating device (FAD)-free) or pole and line caught tuna.

“As we strive to be a leading supplier of products that are responsibly caught and produced in a socially responsible way, we are proud to take another important step to complete our vision of only offering our customers tuna products caught in ways that minimize impacts on our oceans,” says Aidan Hughes, president of Ocean Brands. “This is a natural progression from the steps we’ve already taken to offer our customers more sustainable options.”

In early 2012, Ocean Brands became a founding member of the International Pole and Line Foundation and were the first national brand to introduce pole and line caught tuna to the Canadian market. Since then, the company has been working on ways to reduce by-catch in all fisheries it sources from. Since 2013, all Ocean’s brand flavoured tuna products were produced with free swimming caught fish (FAD free) and since 2015, Ocean’s brand Albacore products were sourced from either circle hook or pole and line fisheries.

To ensure products are manufactured with high ethical standards, all suppliers have signed Ocean Brands’ Supplier Code of Conduct.

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