New Pokémon Game Could Offer Marketing Opportunities


NEW YORK — Although at first glance the Pokémon Go phenomena may seem irrelevant to you and your foodservice establishment, Pokémon hunters are beginning to make dining decisions based on the augmented reality (AR) game.

Players of all ages have taken a shining to the mobile game, which requires gamers to physically explore surrounding areas — both indoor and outdoor — in order to capture creatures and collect items/equipment.

Despite not being officially launched in Canada yet, Pokémon Go is already leading Canadians to explore areas of their neighbourhoods and cities they normally wouldn’t, which has led to the discovery of restaurants previously unknown to them, reports Metro Ottawa.

Some restaurants in the U.S. — as well as other countries where the game has been officially launched — have been feeling the impact of the Pokémon Go craze.

As Eater reports, some restaurants have become Pokémon hot spots. Establishments have been dealing with these situations in a variety of ways, some embracing their role in the AR game and hosting Pokémon Go events and specials, while others have posted “No Pokémon Go players” signs.

For those businesses fortunate enough to become PokéStops and Pokémon Gyms — whose locations are predetermined by the game’s developer — a variety of marketing opportunities present themselves. Not only can you market and host game-related events, but Pokémon Go offers the in-game purchase of a “Lure Module” which attracts Pokémon to a chosen PokéStop for 30 minutes — bringing potential customers with them, if marketed correctly.

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