The 2016 Guide to the Latest Restaurant Management Technologies is Now Out


CHICAGO —The 2016 Smart Decision Guide to Restaurant Management and POS Systems, was released this week. The guide references 162 industry experts’ insights and unbiased advice regarding next-generation technologies and how to utilize them in order to reduce business costs, increase revenue and improve overall customer satisfaction.

Among the most sought-after technologies, according to the guide, were payment terminals that accept the latest forms of payment — including chip-and-pin and tap-to-pay technology — and e-wallet mobile apps. These methods of payment vastly expedite the transaction process, saving restaurant operators time while also providing a better experience for customers.

The guide also highlights an increased interest in portable POS devices that can also handle inventory control, labour management, loyalty-program management and marketing; many restaurants are implementing tablets as an all-in-one solution for performing the above-mentioned tasks.

Cloud-based storage is also garnering more support than on-premise installations, giving restaurant owners the ability to access all of their digital content from outside of the restaurant’s four walls and also offer more secure back-up capabilities.

Finally, the guide explores data-analysis and performance-reporting software as key tools in the modern restaurateurs’ ability to effectively manage operations and identify key areas of opportunity for improvement.

According to the 2016 guide, a quarter of operators who have not purchased restaurant management and POS systems in the past three years plan to upgrade in the next 12 months.

The 2016 Smart Decision Guide to Restaurant Management and POS Systems is available for download here

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