2016 Hotel and Gaming Compensation Report


Our 2016 Compensation Surveys were revised in September 2016. The outcomes were accumulated from a comprehensive information analysis extracted from Renard International’s own database of 45,000 candidates and supplemental 15,000 contacts. The sources also included written answers to our global survey sent to Executives in over 50 countries.

The data was also taken from thousands of resumes received monthly by Renard offices and Consultants worldwide, which confirm in writing individuals current remuneration, benefits, bonuses, etc.

They also signpost desired salary, benefits, preferred location and ideal role.

We also take into consideration the information which has been shared with us in confidence by Clients, when they retain Renard for executive searches.

In 2015 alone, Renard Consultants successfully completed assignments in over 40 countries from Culinary to the CEO of a major Hotel/Casino Group. We have now assisted Clients in nations that were non-existent when we commenced business 46 years ago.

Our Remuneration Reviews are produced using an average format in which the information is totaled and divided by the number of replies, or, in a median format, which is calculated using data mid-range to extremes.

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