TouchBistro Receives Approval for New Patent


TORONTO — TouchBistro, the company behind the iPad point-of-sale app for restaurants, has been granted patent number 9514427 — entitled Graphical Interface and Input Method for Allocating an Invoice Amongst a Plurality of Accounts. The patent outlines a quick and easy way to split bills between customers using TouchBistro’s iPad app.

The outlined feature aims to provide restaurant staff with a powerful tool to allocate ordered items to individual guests and split bills accordingly, helping to reduce the time-consuming and error-ridden process of bill splitting, which often adds unnecessary stress to serving staff and slows down table turnover rates. The feature will utilize the app’s touch-and-swipe capabilities, allowing staff members to simply swipe a finger between two seats to split a bill between the corresponding customers. The app then calculates each individual bill and its related tips and taxes.

“This patent, along with our recent New York Design Award, demonstrates that we are design and thought leaders in our space,” says Alex Barrotti, CEO and founder of TouchBistro. “Unlike a generic register app, TouchBistro has been designed specifically for restaurants, enabling them to automate and simplify processes that ultimately increase revenue and improve the user and customer experience. We are committed to continually investing in technology development to address the unique challenges restaurants face and are honoured to be recognized for our invention and innovation in the market.”

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