Chris McDonald Brings Sous Vide to the Masses


TORONTO — One of Toronto’s most acclaimed chefs, Chris McDonald, has released a new cookbook, The Complete Sous Vide Cookbook, which includes more than 175 recipes for preparing the most succulent and tender meat, using the sous-vide method.

Sous vide yields better results than traditional cooking methods when it comes to cooking meats, giving the cook a very acute level of control over the texture of a finished dish while eliminating chances of over- or undercooking.

With sous-vide cooking devices becomingincreasingly affordable, the cooking method can be easily achieved at home, and The Complete Sous Vide Cookbook is intended to be a beginner’s guide.

Recipes in the cookbook feature some of McDonald’s most popular meat, poultry, fish, vegetable, egg and dessert dishes, including ribeye steak with Chimichurri sauce, Georgian pork-shoulder roast with pomegranate glaze, buttermilk-fried chicken, drunken duck ramen with sous-vide egg, aloo gobi and crème brûlée.

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