7-Eleven TV Announced


LOS ANGELES – U.S.-based convenience retail giant 7-Eleven recently announced the creation of its own in-store television network, 7-Eleven TV.

The network is expected to reach 190-million monthly viewers after it launches nationally in more than 6,200 stores. Two LCD high-definition monitors will broadcast national and local entertainment, news and weather. Additional original content will include commercials advertising 7-Eleven in-house brands and foodservice options as well as out-of-store brand specials.

“7-Eleven TV marks a new generation of advertising for us and will complement our external advertising programs,” said Kevin Elliott, 7-Eleven’s senior vice-president of Merchandising and Logistics. “Communicating to customers directly in-store will enhance our effectiveness in promotion and trial of our foodservice offerings, proprietary and private-label products.”

Digital Display Networks Inc., the digital network provider who has partnered with 7-Eleven for the project, recognizes the power of television when it comes to influencing on-the-spot consumer decisions. “According to industry statistics, digital out-of-home networks have been experiencing significant growth over the past several years,” said Darren Mann, co-CEO of Digital Display Networks. “The ability of these networks to drive purchase at the point-of-sale and generate incremental revenue for retailers through advertising is the foundation for this growth.”

7-Eleven TV is scheduled to be completely operational by the fourth quarter of 2010.

Photo by DDN


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