A Clean Bill of Health


For Canadian consumers, healthful eating is top of mind when it comes to choosing where to spend their dining dollars. Whether it’s plant-based and fortified foods, or clean labelling, health and nutrition are playing an increasingly significant role in consumers’ lives.

Health and nutrition and clean label have become a cornerstone for product development at Custom Culinary® Canada, says Adam Wright, the company’s Corporate Chef. “We are committed to clean-label ingredients, along with a comprehensive line of plant-based proteins, that allow chefs to develop nutritious dishes to suit any menu.”

Products for healthy plant-based cuisine are getting better and better, he adds. “Flavour Glazes can elevate the plant-based experience. For example, adding Sweet & Smoky BBQ Flavour Glaze to vegan sauces allows people to add smoky and umami flavours to their plant-based products to increase meaty notes, but keep the added health-and-nutrition benefits of plant-based meals.”

Custom Culinary® is equally committed to establishing ingredient and clean-label standards that are transparent to operators and consumers, explains Marianne Williams, R&D Manager, Specialty Seasonings, Canada . “We have developed aggressive standards for raw materials using the most stringent lists provided by our customers.”

The Clean Label Program is focused on actively removing artificial ingredients from products and replacing them with natural alternatives or eliminating them if they’re not needed, she explains. “It’s an ongoing process as new products become more available.”

Operators can find comprehensive nutritional and labeling information on all products in the Custom Culinary® portfolio. “We provide a complete specification package that includes a nutritional panel, full ingredient declarations, allergens and more,” says Kelly Carvalho, Director of Marketing, Canada.

The company’s customer-support team is available to answer nutrition, ingredient, or allergen specific questions. “We can forward you to the appropriate department or tap into our resource of global nutritionists,” says Carvalho. Operators can contact the customer call centre or their broker to find out more . For general inquiries please e-mail us at customculinaryinquires@griffithfoods.com or call us at 1-800-387-4522 (8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. EST, Monday through Friday).

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