A few words from Chef Juriaan


When it comes to ketchup and mustard, a little inspiration can go a long way. Juriaan Snellen, executive corporate chef for McCormick & Company, Canada, says there are plenty of innovative uses for French’s Ketchup and Mustard that take it beyond the traditional boundaries.

Q: What new ideas have you seen for French’s Ketchup and Mustard in recipes?

A: I love to talk to operators because I get to see plenty of creative ideas. For example, one quick-serve Filipino restaurant served spaghetti tossed in ketchup with grilled pieces of hot dogs. There was a lot of demand for that recipe.

Q: What flavours are trending for 2023?

A: We will see more vegetable preparations to replace meat proteins, for example, breaded hearts of palm that mimic the taste of calamari. The plant-based trend will continue to grow. We’re also seeing an uptick in Indian and Israeli cuisines, as well as heat-packed, Asian fusion flavors.

Q: How can you customize condiments?

A: It’s easy to create signature sauces by adding in other seasonings or sauces. For example, take our Club House La Grille® Korean Style BBQ Seasoning – it includes black and white sesame seeds, ginger, garlic, and onion. Combine it with ketchup to make a phenomenal sauce you can use in stir fries, fried-chicken sandwiches, dips for spring rolls, shrimp and even onion rings.

Q: What is your favourite recipe using condiments?

A: A Monterey Jack grilled-cheese sandwich with our Cholula Chipotle Hot Sauce mixed with French’s Ketchup. It’s a great comfort-food dish. I also love using French’s Mustard as a base for vinaigrettes. Apple-cider vinegar with a splash of French’s Mustard really hits the spot.

Q: What stands out the most about French’s Ketchup?

A: We are enormously proud of the fact that we are the only manufacturer in Canada that uses 100-per-cent Canadian-grown tomatoes grown by Canadian farmers that are produced, bottled, packed, and shipped in Canadian facilities. People really appreciate that.

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