A Matter of Taste


HUNT VALLEY, Md. — Ever wonder why some flavours naturally work better together? McCormick Foods, the company that produces spices, is helping professionals figure that out with its Flavour Forecast.

“The Flavour Forecast is all about merging two ingredients that will inspire and create an authentic and fulfilling experience in one bite,” says Colleen McClellan, food insights strategist, McCormick for Chefs – Food Away From Home Division. “To achieve this goal, it takes a great understanding of foodservice, consumers and sensory science. McCormick for Chefs is interested in helping chefs apply these flavour pairings to create dishes that are menu movers, economically sound, creative and distinctive.”

McCormick’s 2010 Flavour Forecast reinvents traditional ingredients by combining them with exotic elements to create ethnic-inspired, profitable menu offerings. According to the spice company, the following are 10 pairings to explore:

Roasted Ginger and Rhubarb – The combination of roasted ginger and rhubarb shakes up traditional barbecue sauces or chunky chutneys for roasted meats.

Thai Basil and Watermelon – The fusion of Thai basil’s licorice-like edge and the sweet juiciness of ripe watermelon is a colourful study in contrasts.

Caraway and Bitter Greens – The unmistakable flavour of caraway tames the aggressiveness of bold greens that are a signature of Southern cooking.

Bay Leaves and Preserved Lemon – The intensely aromatic coupling of bay leaves and preserved lemon is an alluring blend of bitter, salty-tart and bright.

Almond and Ale – Evoking the spirit of the modern gastropub, the bittersweet character of both almonds and ale are a rich, hearty match.

Turmeric and Vine-Ripened Tomatoes – Vivid turmeric teams up with juicy, peak-of-harvest tomatoes to accent their subtle sweetness and add a mildly bitter, earthy note.

Pumpkin Pie Spice and Coconut Milk – Summoning the essence of its island origins, this lush, pairing reconnects the components of a familiar American spice mixture with its tropical roots.

Roasted Cumin and Chickpeas – A harmony of culinary commonalities unites roasted cumin and chickpeas  for a robust, nourishing and surprisingly versatile taste experience.

Creole Mustard and Shellfish – The lively zip of Creole mustard wakes up a range of shellfish from shrimp, crayfish and crabs to oysters and clams.

Chives and Fish Sauce – The mild onion-like bite of chives adds a fresh green dimension and colour to the salty complexity of fish sauce.

For more information on the Flavour Forecast, click here.

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