A&W Serves “Better Beef”


VANCOUVER — A&W has announced its beef doesn’t contain added steroids, hormones, preservatives or additives and is supplied from ranchers who are committed to ethical and sustainable practices.

A&W suppliers use verification systems to track cattle and monitor feed and care. “We know exactly where our beef comes from, how it’s been raised and, of course, how great it tastes,” said Paul Hollands, president and CEO, A&W Food Services of Canada.

“This is something our guests care about, and we’sre really excited to offer better beef in A&W restaurants across Canada.”

The company works with ranchers, such as Spring Creek Ranch in Vegreville, Alta., where cattle are fed a vegetarian diet of grains and grass. “Our cattle are custom raised without added hormones or steroids. They spend most of their days on the prairie and grass. We do everything with integrity; we’sre proud to do what we do, and we hope Canadians enjoy the results,” said Kirstin Kotelko, a fourth-generation rancher.


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