Absolut Launches Limited-Edition Bottle

Photo Courtesy: Absolut

TORONTO — Absolut has launched a new limited-edition bottle, Absolut Comeback. The bottle is made with more than 41 per centrecycled glass and features an intricate design — rather than the flat, smooth surface of its predecessors. 

The new bottle is a part of Absolut’s ongoing brand platform — Create a Better Tomorrow, Tonight — and hopes it will inspire people to join the company’s #RecyclingHero movement.

“Absolut has been committed to sustainable production methods for many years and we’re excited to be celebrating this and,specifically, our recycling efforts in the form of a bottle launch for the very first time,” says Henrik Ellstrom, director of Strategy & Innovation, Absolut. “We believe a glass bottle must have a second life; Absolut Comeback is a pure manifestation of this belief. We hope our new limited-edition-bottle campaign will inspire more people to use creativity in order to waste less.” 

Absolut Comeback is now available across Canada. 

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