Abundant Tuna Catch Translates to Lower Prices


CHARLOTTETOWN — A quick start to tuna fishing season has resulted in abundant catches but sub-par prices, CBC News reports.

The tuna season, which began on Monday, Oct. 11, has already produced enough fish to fill P.E.I.’s quota for the year. The P.E.I. Tuna Advisory Council (PTAC) advised against rapid fire fishing, saying it would drive down prices. Now, the excess bounty caught by both P.E.I. and Nova Scotia fisherman (who also rapidly filled their quota) has left some suppliers with leftovers — and the aforementioned low prices for what they can sell.  

“A lot of fish was in, and when that happens it’s a buyer’s market,” Walter Bruce, chair of the PTAC, told the CBC. “We heard a couple that was up in the $15, $16 range — there is a few there — but there’s a lot down on the dollar range.”

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