Accounts of McDonald’s App Users Being Hacked


TORONTO — Multiple Canadian users of McDonald’s My McD’s app have reported their accounts being hacked.

Back in February, a Halifax woman reported that hackers used her My McD’s app her account to order approximately $500 worth of food from restaurants in Montreal, according to CityNews.

More recently, MobileSyrup managing editor Patrick O’Rourke discovered his account had been used to make more than 100 transactions totalling approximately $2,000 at multiple McDonald’s locations in Montreal.

Numerous other cases have been reported, with the fraudulent purchases being made in Quebec in the vast majority of cases. 

Business Insider reports that in most cases, McDonald’s Canada has instructed defrauded app users to seek compensation from their bank rather than refund the transactions. The company has also issued statements indicating it remains confident in the security of the My McD’s app.

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