Alberta Chef Collaborative to Celebrate Aboriginal Heritage


CALGARY — A group of Alberta chefs — dubbed The Alberta Ate Chef Collaborative — are preparing to tell the province’s stories through food at Tasting Terroir: Alberta’s Aboriginal Appeal, which will be held Feb. 22 at Fort Calgary.

Siksika Nation guest chef Aaron Joseph Bear Robe of Toronto’s Keriwa Café will collaborate with acclaimed Alberta chefs, including Peter Syriste (Fort Calgary), Ray Bear (Rush Restaurant and Bar), Shane Chartrand (Murrieta’s Edmonton), Connie DeSousa and John Jackson (Charcut Roast House) and Andrew Winfield (The River Café), among others, for a celebration of Alberta’s indigenous ingredients and first foods. The chefs will create rustic dishes inspired by Alberta’s Aboriginal heritage and guests will share stories about the food’s connection to the land.

“This invitation to celebrate the food — fish, fowl, bison and game — of Alberta’s First Peoples along with several of its top chefs represents an important honour,” says Bear Robe. “Making Aboriginal tradition culturally relevant through modern food is a fresh trend that I am delighted to further.”

In the future, the Alberta Ate chefs expect to engage the public, tourism professionals and media through various events. For more details about Tasting Terroir, or to purchase tickets, visit

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