Alberta Health Services Releases Health Survey


CALGARY — The health-food movement continues to gain traction in foodservice as Alberta Health Services (AHS) aims to find out what the public craves as research for a Healthy Eating Environment Policy that would increase healthy food and beverage options at AHS facilities.

“We really want to understand how Albertans feel about healthy eating environments in Alberta Health Services,” Farah Bandali, director of Nutrition Services at AHS, told The Calgary Herald, while speaking of the 16-question survey. “The goal is for us to really understand what the public’s perception is on healthy eating and their readiness for us to move forward with changes.”

If the respondents seem open to the idea of exchanging deep fryers and doughnuts for healthier fare — which has already happened at some Halifax facilities — changes could be made. “We want to live-it to lead-it,” Bandali told the newspaper. “We have a lot of initiatives in the community to promote health and wellness, so we really need to be an example for it internally.”

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