Alberta Hospital Meals Re-examined


EDMONTON — Alberta Health Services (AHS) is rethinking the menu provided at provincial nursing homes and hospitals after receiving numerous complaints from dissatisfied residents and patients, CBC News reports.

AHS instigated a standardized menu earlier this year, but after it received the thumbs down, a poll was conducted to help determine the menu shortfall. It turns out residents and patients want greater culinary variety with more meat, potatoes, cabbage, perogies and other home-style meals.

According to the CBC story, some potential improvements will include constructing menus with the help of culinary teams and executive chefs and developing a computerized menu-management system.

“One of the things we’sve learned is that it’s really important for each facility to customize their menu to meet the preferences of the people that are in that specific facility,” Andrew Will, executive vice-president of clinical support services with AHS, told the CBC.

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