American Food Companies Offer Mayan Apocalypse Menus


Several U.S. food chains are capitalizing on today’s Mayan apocalypse predictions, creating menus to mark the occasion.

TGI Fridays is hosting “The Last Friday” with end-of–the-world menu items such as the Mayan Margarita, the Last First Bite Pretzels, The Rib-eye to End All Rib-Eye Steak and The Final Countdown Cake.

Carl’s Jr. created a 12x12x12 Burger and posted its photos on its Facebook page, writing, “If it’s not the end of the world, then it’s definitely the end of your hunger.”

Meanwhile, the Kraft Food Group launched a Jell-O Funpocalypse campaign in which the company describes Jell-O pudding as “the funnest sacrifice ever.” The company also commissioned a study to determine Americans’ attitudes towards the end of the world. The study found that if the world were to end, Americans would be most excited about never having to pay taxes again (52 per cent), followed by never having to count calories again (24 per cent).

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