An App-etite for Technology


TORONTO — According to a recent story in the Financial Post, two Laval, Que.-based entrepreneurs have developed point-of-sale software, which allows waiters and waitresses to trade their traditional notepads for iPods.

Michael Benaroch and Emanuel Vintila, who started Cluster Systems and Technologies told the publication that their latest software integrates the familiar touch-screen process found in many restaurants already, with the portability of the iPod Touch. It can perform functions, like order-taking, back-of-house printing and final check processing.

“We decided to find a way to allow waiters and waitresses to take orders with a touch screen, but the devices we were using as prototypes weren’st very good,” Benaroch, told the Financial Post. “We decided to use the iPod Touch because it was the best quality device we could find. It’s slim and it has a long battery life. We figure it can last two restaurant shifts without having to recharge.”

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