Analog Coffee Listed Among Top Global Cafés


CALGARY — Calgary’s Analog Coffee was recently featured on a list of noteworthy cafés compiled by BuzzFeed Food.

“We are so thrilled to have been included in this world list,” says Chris Prefontaine, CEO of the Fratello Group (Analog’s parent company). “We are especially stoked to keep company with the other incredible operators, sharing in our dedication to service, quality and style, and most importantly, our collective dedication to exceeding customer expectations with exceptional coffee.”

The “Eight Cafes Around the World All Coffee Addicts Need to Visit” list includes:

1. Café Cultor, Bogota, Columbia
2. Kronotrop, Istanbul, Turkey
3. The Coffee Academics, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
4. Blue Bottle Café, Oakland, California
5. Coffee Supreme, Auckland, New Zealand
6. Stumptown, Portland, Oregon
7. Analog Coffee, Calgary, Canada
8. The Coffee Collective, Denmark

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