Anthony Bourdain Raw


TORONTO — Ten years after Anthony Bourdain’s unapologetic, bestselling memoir Kitchen Confidential hit the shelves, he returned with more insights in Medium Raw, a summer release he recently talked about with the National Post.

Kitchen Confidential just keeps selling, but that era is over,” the No Reservations host tells the National Post’s Rebecca Tucker. “Life is different, the restaurant industry is different, and the same is true of me. It felt like a few things needed to be updated.”

Updated they are in his new book that takes readers from the past to the present with what publisher Ecco calls “a series of confessions, rants, investigations and interrogations of some of the more controversial figures in food.”

And, the controversy continues in Tucker’s interview with the culinary world’s bad boy. “I don’t know what the f–k is up with this farm-to-table thing, because if you’re eating at a restaurant, presumably you’re eating good, local food,” Bourdain tells Tucker.

For the complete Post story, click here.


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