Are Farmers’ Markets Less Popular in the Prairies?


WINNIPEG — Farmers’ markets may be popping up in urban centres in Toronto and Vancouver, but the same trend isn’t necessarily as prevalent in agriculturally rich provinces such as Manitoba and Saskatchewan, according to a Globe and Mail report.

“I have calls on a regular basis from people wanting to start a farmers’ market. [But] we haven’t figured out a plan to recruit farmers’ market vendors,” Dianna Mae Hocaluk, the director of the Farmers’ Market Association of Manitoba, is quoted as saying in The Globe and Mail. “There is a lack of affordable farmland for small-scale farms.”

Combined, Manitoba and Saskatchewan have more than 33-million hectares devoted to farming, but it’s mostly for cash crops such as corn and grain.

According to Kim Shukla, an agrologist and co-owner of Manitoba’s Stoneland Orchard, making a living from small-scale farming is more challenging due to the low density of the population in the farmland areas as opposed to urban centres.

For more on the farmer’s market in Manitoba and Saskatchewan, visit The Globe and Mail.

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