Are Water Sommeliers the Next Trend?


LOS ANGELES — Water bars, water menus and water sommeliers could be the next trend in restaurants, reports the Los Angeles Times.

“All waters have unique tastes, and a lot of Americans think water is just water, but I don’st believe in that,” said Martin Riese, the water sommelier at the U.S.-based Patina Group of Restaurants as quoted by the Los Angeles Times.

Riese, GM of L.A.’s Ray’s and Stark, part of the Patina Group, became a certified water sommelier after taking a course in Germany. His job entails pairing items such as Vose water with salads and Fiji water with dessert.

According to the paper, the concept of water menus has been attempted in Europe and L.A. [L.A.Times]

What do you think of this new trend?

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