Aroma Espresso Bar Launches Nanaimo Bar Drink


TORONTO — To celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday, Aroma Espresso Bar is introducing the Ice Nanaimo — a new twist on the classic Canadian dessert. Starting June 27, the Ice Nanaimo will be available at most Aroma Espresso Bar locations across Ontario for a limited time.

The Ice Nanaimo, which features a whole 2″ x 3″ Nanaimo bar blended with ground almonds, milk and chocolate, retails for $5.65.

“There’s so much more to Canada’s rich culinary heritage than just maple, so we decided to keep it fresh and focus on another authentic Canadian treat — the Nanaimo bar,” says Neil Creighton, director of Food and Beverage at Aroma Espresso Bar. “It’s cold, creamy and chocolatey — everything a summer drink should be — and it couldn’t be more Canadian if it were made by a moose and served by beavers named Bob and Doug.”

Aroma Espresso Bar is also marking Canada’s 150th birthday by offering its complimentary chocolates in a larger size and custom Canada150 wrapper, while supplies last.

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