Arterra Wines Launches New Wine

Image courtesy of Arterra Wines Canada Inc.

TORONTO — Arterra Wines Canada has launched its newest collaboration, On Point — the first Canadian wine created with global weight loss and wellness brand WW Canada.

Each On Point serving contains 90 calories, one gram of sugar and two grams of carbohydrates, and is nine-per-cent alcohol by volume.

“We know Canadians are seeking variety and wellness-inspired products — as such we are thrilled to be partnering with WW to support consumers and their community,” says Andrea Hunt, executive vice-president of Marketing, Arterra Wines Canada. “We are excited to introduce a new better-for-you brand, On Point, with two delicious, balanced wines.”

On Point is available in two flavours, Smooth Red, featuring dark fruit and plum flavours with a hint of spice, providing a soft and smooth finish; and Crisp White, containing bright aromas and flavours of citrus and passion fruit, with a refreshingly light and crisp finish.

“When living the WW program, everything is on the menu. With red and white wine being the number two and three top-tracked beverages in our award-winning app — right behind coffee —we know many of our members incorporate wine into their healthy lifestyle,” says Kevin O’Brien, general manager and president, WW Canada.

On Point is now available at Wine Rack and will be rolling out in LCBOs across Ontario and in Newfoundland throughout July. Product will be available in B.C. and Alberta as of Fall 2021. Price varies by province from $10.99 to $12.99 for a 750 ml bottle.

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