Aryzta Canada Introduces Mette Munk Authentic Danish Pastries


MISSISSAUGA, Ont. — Frozen baked-goods provider Aryzta Canada has unveiled its Mette Munk line of authentic Danish pastries in Canada. Now available to foodservice and grocery retailers, the line includes maple-pecan braid and apple, raspberry and blueberry crown pastries.    

“Mette Munk pastries are delicious and easy to prepare,” says Deb Cochrane, president of Aryzta Canada. “We’re very excited to offer our Canadian customers these premium baked goods and are confident it will help them to expand their bakery offerings.”

Crispy and flaky, the pastries are made with ingredients carefully sourced from around the world to ensure highest quality. 

“Our story is one of tradition, craftsmanship and recreating an authentic taste experience for our customers each and every time they take a bite,” says Claus Olsen, managing director at Aryzta Nordic, the bakery that makes the pastries. “We pride ourselves on combining timeless tradition with the best ingredients and years of experience.”

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