Avenue65.com Offers Resto-Diner “Win-win”


MONTREAL — More than 20 Montreal restaurant operators are attracting clientele during off-peak hours through Avenue65.com, a new website where guests reserve a table and receive a discount.

Restaurants, such as Damas, Restaurant DNA and iBurger, have signed up, and now potential diners can book directly through Avenue65.com during off-peak hours. As part of the booking, the user will receive an exclusive offer or discount that is automatically applied to the bill.

“Avenue 65 helps us attract customers during traditionally slower periods,” said Julian Giacomelli, owner of Crudessence in Montreal, which can be found on Avenue65.com. “It’s a simple and user-friendly service that our customers are very happy with, so it’s a win-win for us and our patrons.”

Over the next months, Avenue65.com is expected to expand its reach to other major cities across Canada, including Toronto and Vancouver.

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