A&W Introduces Antibiotic-free Chicken To Its Menu


VANCOUVER — A&W Restaurants is now serving chicken raised without the use of antibiotics, a decision, which is purported to make the chain the first quick-serve brand in North America to offer the option.

“At A&W, we take food seriously, and we’re proud to set high standards when it comes to ingredients,” said Susan Senecal, Ingredients Champion, A&W. “We began our ingredients guarantee in September 2013 with the very well-received introduction of beef raised without the use of hormones or steroids. In September of this year, we introduced eggs from chickens fed only a vegetarian diet without animal by-products, and now we’re proud to be introducing chicken raised without the use of antibiotics.”

A&W chicken is sourced from Canadian farms, where chickens are promoted be raised using the best farming practices and are free to roam with access to clean water, feed and fresh air.


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