A&W Launches Spicy Piri-Piri Buddy Burger


VANCOUVER — A&W has launched its new Spicy Piri-Piri Buddy Burger for a limited time.

The new burger brings the heat with a distinctive piri-piri sauce (hot chili pepper flavour), topped with crisp whole-leaf lettuce, a slice of tomato and red onion, and comes with a choice of a chicken breast, beef patty or crispy hash brown potato patty.

“For years A&W employees and guests (predominantly from the South-Asian community) have been quietly making this [hash brown] menu hack for themselves. Its popularity was clear to me during a meeting with Ontario operators, where every one of them knew the exact same menu hack recipe because of how many guests were ordering it,” says Priya Dhillon, a franchisee of more than 40 A&W restaurant locations in Canada.

“This hack was happening organically at A&Ws all across Canada. It was a no-brainer for us to develop a recipe that complements our guests’ love for a potato patty substitute and adds a nice flavour kick to it,” says Karan Suri, director of Menu Development at A&W Canada. “This is an exciting opportunity to introduce a new menu item that reflects the diversity of our guests. Our take on a spicy piri-piri sauce that is zesty, spicy and addictive is designed to satisfy more of our guests’ cravings for spice and to suit their dietary preferences.”

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