A&W Offering MSC-Certified Sustainable Seafood


TORONTO — A&W is the newest partner to join the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) program and support healthy oceans by purchasing and promoting certified-sustainable seafood.

The QSR chain is now MSC certified to serve sustainable, traceable and wild seafood at more than 925 locations across Canada.

“At A&W, we’re proud of the high standards we’ve set for sourcing simple, great-tasting ingredients that are produced with care for both our guests and the environment,” says Susan Senecal, CEO, A&W Food Services of Canada. “We looked for a sustainable-seafood program that incorporates equally high standards so we can tell our guests with confidence that our fish supports healthy oceans.”

A&W is debuting its MSC certification with a limited time offer — a wild-caught cod burger and wrap, which are certified wild and sustainable — available across the country from June 4 to July 8, 2018.

“A&W achieving MSC certification demonstrates a significant commitment to driving real positive change in how fisheries are managed,” says Jay Lugar, program director for MSC Canada. “It sends a signal to the market that there is an increasing appetite for credible labelling and gives consumers a role in driving demand for more fisheries to operate sustainably. We couldn’t be more pleased to welcome the support of such an iconic brand as A&W to the local and global sustainable-seafood movement.”

The addition of A&W brings the number of MSC certified companies in Canada to 231, with more than 2,500 locations where certified sustainable wild seafood can be bought.

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