Balancing the Scales


Olymel Food Service is providing healthful sources of complete protein.

A balanced diet with lots of healthy protein plays an essential role in the health and well-being of Canadians. In fact, this year the U.S. News and World Report named the Mediterranean Diet, which is high in fruits, vegetables and lean proteins, the best diet to follow for 2019. At Olymel Food Service, a commitment to producing healthful and delicious sources of complete protein is part of what drives its business as leaders in Canadian meat processing. 

Protein is vital to building tissue and creating enzymes and hormones, but it’s important to note not all proteins are created equal. Factors such as age, weight and underlying health issues can influence the types of protein needed to maintain optimal health. Other factors, such as the digestibility of the protein source, can also influence the types of protein best suited to our diets. 

Animal proteins are considered “complete,” meaning they contain all the essential amino acids required by the human body. Of all animal proteins, chicken and pork not only contain these essential amino acids, they’re also highly digestible. Health Canada suggests choosing lean or skinless types of meat when considering healthy sources of protein. 

Olymel Food Service provides a variety of lean pork, chicken and turkey products for the healthconscious consumer. Try an omelette with grilled vegetables and Olymel Food Service pork and chicken sausages for a protein-packed breakfast option or an Olymel Food Service chicken-andbroccoli lasagne for a healthier take on classic comfort food. 

“There’s less fat in chicken and pork compared to other red-meat proteins,” Sonia Choquette, Olymel’s marketing director, Foodservice explains. “Aside from that, there’s higher protein content in lean meats (per portion) than in plant-based alternatives, which means you don’t need to eat as much to get the right amount of protein.” 

Olymel Food Service designs its products to meet the specific, evolving needs of the Canadian foodservice community. Currently offering more than 350 fresh and processed pork, chicken and turkey products, it considers the quality of its protein sources to be of utmost importance. 

“Olymel’s expertise is rooted in a long tradition of excellence and best practices [in the industry],” Choquette says. “For example, we’re involved in all aspects of pork production, from the breeding to the manufacturing of our products.” 

Plant-based meat alternatives are on the rise in Canada, but many of these products are considered incomplete protein sources (lacking in those essential amino acids). The plant-proteins that do contain essential amino acids, such as soy, buckwheat and quinoa, contain significantly less protein per portion than animal-protein sources. 

Combining ethical and environmentally sustainable practices with the quality and taste they are known for, Olymel provides convenient, healthful animal protein sources suitable for all areas of foodservice. 

“[At Olymel], the humane treatment of animals is a fundamental value,” Choquette says. “We constantly strive to improve breeding, transport and slaughtering practices to prevent animal suffering and protect human health. In addition, we ensure our producers, suppliers and employees comply with industry-recognized regulations and codes of practice.” 

Olymel was the first Canadian company to implement CO2 animal anesthesia in its facilities. In addition to committing to ethical-farming practices, Olymel is reducing its carbon footprint through the adoption of energy-efficient practices — particularly in the areas of production, processing and transport. 

Maintaining a strong relationship with the Canadian farmers, Olymel Food Service knows taking a vertical approach to food production, from farm to plate, is what gives them a step-up on the competition. Being confident in the quality of its protein sources, it also offers a range of low-sodium, nitrate-free, low-fat and gluten-free products for the healthcare market.

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