Bannock Opens on Bay


TORONTO — Oliver & Bonacini (O&B)’s new restaurant, Bannock, recently opened in Toronto’s iconic Hudson’s Bay Building.

The 86-seat resto, named after a Scottish flatbread later adopted by Aboriginals, serves “Canadian comfort foods” such as tourtière, local seafood, and its titular flatbread. But while the restaurant boasts a homegrown menu, foreign faves won’t be neglected.

“To reflect the diverse ethnic make-up of Canada, there’s also pho, piri piri chicken, tuna teriyaki and pizza — though the roast-duck poutine pizza will surely be the attention grabber,” reports food website The Grid.

The resto’s menu was designed by the brand’s corporate executive chef Anthony Walsh, who said Bannock will serve a First Nations-inspired flatbread in a video made for O&B’s blog.

To prepare for the restaurant opening last week, Bannock staff was privy to a bannock-centric training session attended by chefs Jamie Kennedy and Anita Stewart. 

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