Bartending Hazards Revealed


LOS ANGELES — The work of a bartender has never been easy, but, according to a recent story from the New York Times, it can lead to injuries.

The newspaper reports that bartenders at the Los Angeles bar Varnish have experienced everything from tennis elbow to popped tendons, which some experts attribute to heavy ice in the drinks. In fact, one Varnish mixologist, Chris Bostick, shook a drink so hard screws from a previous surgery came loose.

“When they’re shaking a drink, it’s very similar to the motion of a pitcher, or a tennis serve or throwing a football,” Lisa Raymond Tolan, an occupational therapist in New York, told the newspaper. “It’s the same motion, back and forth, back and forth, rotating up high. You have a heavy weight at the end of the arm, out in the air. It’s not just the shoulder. It’s the wrist as well.”

For the complete Times story, click here.


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