Baskin-Robbins Canada Poll Shows Canadians Prefer Chocolate


TORONTO — A national poll conducted by Baskin-Robbins, in partnership with Leger Marketing, found that a majority of Canadians — 31 per cent — prefer some form of chocolate flavoured ice cream, while 21 per cent would rather have vanilla.

The poll also revealed that four in ten Canadians consume ice cream at least once a week and 65 per cent gravitate towards the dairy treat to satisfy a sweet tooth — 70 per cent of women and 62 per cent of men.

Overwhelmingly, Canadians prefer their ice cream served in a cone (65 per cent) while a cup or waffle bowl garnered 55 per cent of Canadians’ votes and the ice cream sundae, 47 per cent.

“Satisfying a sweet tooth is more important than one might think,” says Natalie Joseph, representative for Baskin-Robbins in Canada. “Pleasing the palate with sweet treats is one of the finer moments in life, and we all need to celebrate these moments.”

Baskin-Robbins will be launching its #Celebrate 31 promotion at participating shops across Canada on July 31. The company plans to also run the promotion on the 31st of August, October and December, 2016. On these days, customers can enjoy a 31 per cent discount on any Grab ‘N Go Pre-Pack Ice Cream flavour.

“The number 31 represents history and flavour variety for our brand, which offers a different flavour of ice cream for every day of the month,” says Joseph. “For National Ice Cream Month, we’re looking forward to offering Canadians a new reason to walk into our shops, explore our new look, and to take home a variety of flavours offered in our Pre-Pack ice cream category.”

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