B.C. Association of Abattoirs Launches Local Beef Website


VANCOUVER — Buying local beef just got a little easier for B.C. chefs with today’s launch of bcbeefnet.ca, a website developed by the B.C. Association of Abattoirs.


“BCBeefNet is one of the ways the B.C. Association of Abattoirs is addressing the growing trend to buy local,” explains Gillian Watt, programs manager, B.C. Association of Abattoirs. “There is tremendous opportunity to grow the local meat industries in B.C. to benefit consumers, communities, industry and the economy.”

The new online portal connects B.C. chefs with farmers and provides stories about how the meat being sold is raised and processed locally. It offers chefs confirmation the beef was raised and processed in B.C., unlike many locally advertised offerings that are processed in Alberta.




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