B.C. Bar Owners Address Shot Glass Discrepancy


VANCOUVER — Two Canadian bar owners are now producing “Canadian-sized” shot glasses after an internal audit revealed that differences between U.S. and Canadian measurement can lead to wasted liquor, CBC News reports.

While the Canadian quart is about 20 per cent larger than the U.S. quart, the U.S. divides its quarts into 32 ounces verses Canada’s 40 ounces. In other words, only 38 shots can be poured from a 40-ounce Canadian liquor bottle.

“The shot glasses [we] were using were made by an American company and they were based on an American ounce,” Kyle Tweter, co-owner of Vancouver’s Loose Moose bar. told the CBC. “So they were too big.”

Tweter and his business partner Dan Wilson, have since begun manufacturing the new Canuck shot glass, which they call Can-Pour. It is currently being distributed by two restaurant supply companies.

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