B.C. Levies Raw Milk Ban


VANCOUVER — In what’s quickly becoming a national standoff between government legislators and raw milk farmers, B.C.’s Supreme Court has banned the sale of raw milk in the province.

This latest ban comes after dairy farmer Michael Schmidt won a similar case in Ontario, which is currently being appealed. In its decision, the B.C. Supreme Court rejected the same type of co-op structure that Smith created to help win his case for sharing of unpasteurized milk in Ontario — the key being that he wasn’t selling it, but distributing it privately to members.

Chilliwack, B.C.’s Home on the Range dairy was hopeful that the Smith case would set a precedent for B.C., but Supreme Court Justice Miriam Gropper did not agree. The dairy was ordered to stop selling its raw milk on Thursday, as public officials deemed it a health hazard under the Public Health Act.

Raw milk advocates believe that the product is a healthier alternative than pasteurized milk.


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