B.C. Winemakers Break Ground on New Resto


OLIVER, B.C. — Two years after Tinhorn Creek Vineyards announced plans to build a restaurant that overlooks the South Okanagan region of B.C., construction is set to begin.

The project, which was put on hold due to the recession, is being developed with Manuel Ferreira of Le Gavroche Restaurant in Vancouver, along with winery partners Kenn Oldfield and Bob Shaunessy. Tinhorn Creek Vineyards is working with The Land Conservancy (TLC) to ensure the restaurant site is positioned to do little harm to indigenous plants and grasses.

A new plan places the restaurant immediately adjacent to the outdoor amphitheatre. Manuel Ferreira, one of Vancouver’s most respected restaurateurs, will head up the kitchen serving fine food that will be complimented by breathtaking views of the South Okanagan Valley. With 65 seats both inside and out, the restaurant at Tinhorn Creek Vineyards will be open 10 months a year.

The new establishment is scheduled to open in April 2011.


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