BeaverTails to Contribute to Obama’s Inauguration Celebration


OTTAWA — The BeaverTails Canada pastry staff is preparing its special “ObamaTail” pastry to be served across the country and at the Canadian Embassy in Washington for Barack Obama’s second inauguration on Monday.

“We’sre looking forward to strapping on our aprons and preparing ObamaTails in Washington,” said Grant Hooker, the company’s cofounder. “And we’sll certainly move the President to the front of the line if he chooses to drop by for a snack.”

The company attracted attention after contributing goodies to Obama’s first inauguration in 2009. A month after the ceremony, the staff was surprised when Barack Obama made a stop at its ByWard Market location in Ottawa while visiting Canada.

The company manufactures whole-wheat flour pastries loosely shaped in the form of Canada’s national symbols, the beaver. The ‘sObamaTail’s is a classic cinnamon-and-sugar BeaverTail, topped with a large whipped cream letter ‘sO’s traced with chocolate and maple sauce. The pastry will be served at as many as 78 of the company’s franchised and licensed winter locations from Halifax to Whistler, B.C.

image courtesy of BeaverTails Facebook page.

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