Beer Finder Connecting Ontarians with Craft Breweries Offering Delivery


TORONTO — A new searchable online directory, Beer Finder, has launched to help consumers find their favourite Ontario craft beers that are offering direct delivery.

The website has attracted more than 10,000 users in its first two weeks and is adding hundreds of new users daily.

Users can search more than 1,000 Ontario craft beers by style, ingredient, delivery area and other keyword filters. The website features offerings from more than 100 Ontario craft breweries, including household names such as Bellwoods Brewery, Great Lakes Brewery, Muskoka and Nickel Brook, as well as cult-favourite breweries, including Burdock, Blood Brothers, Dominion City, Fairweather and Rainhard.

Purchases are made directly from the brewery’s website.

“I just wanted a way to find out who has milkshake IPAs without having to go to every brewery’s website one by one,” says Cam Sloan, the creator of Beer Finder. “That made me think, there are probably hundreds of us with the exact same problem. Especially now, when direct delivery is the best and safest option.”

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