Benny&Co. Unveils New Rotisserie Concept in Montreal

(photo credit: Thierry du Bois)

MONTREAL — Benny&Co. has announced the opening of its 66th rotisserie, in the downtown core of Montreal, marking the launch of its new restaurant concept.

The modern concept unveiled last week is an evolution of the banner’s original restaurant created in 2006 and will be deployed throughout the chain. It will promote the expansion of Benny&Co. rotisseries in urban centres in Quebec and Ontario.

“This new concept was initially intended to offer a renewed experience only to clients in large urban centres, where square footage is more limited. The pandemic gave us an extra year to complete an internal assessment, re-think the project and revise our plans. What started out as an urban concept has become Benny&Co.’s concept for the future, with a whole different image,” says Elisabeth Benny, vice-president, Marketing and Public Relations of Benny&Co.

The chain is set to open three new locations in Montreal, representing an investment of $4.5 million. Benny&Co. Ville-Marie is now offering counter and delivery services, while Benny&Co. Rosemont and Benny&Co. St-Jacques will open in the summer of 2021

“The COVID-19 pandemic hit downtown Montreal hard, but it did not affect its attractiveness, as demonstrated by Benny&Co.’s decision to open two new rotisseries in the city centre. The economic recovery of Montreal and its downtown area is underway, and we are confident that, with the contribution of partners like Benny&Co., we can make it a success,” says Valérie Plante, Mayor of Montreal.

Benny&Co. offers a modern and refined dining-room with a bar area featuring a sound and lighting ambiance that will be adapted throughout the day. Also, a new counter will offer ready-to-eat meals to go.

The execution of the building work will be done by Drumco Construction, while the interior design will be done by Pic-bois Design. The concept development was handled by Ogilvy Montreal and AX Design.

“We were inspired by the Benny family’s values and the result is a concept that is decidedly friendly, warm and authentic.The use of natural and ecological materials, such as wooden tables, concrete and brick walls, as well as handcrafted and locally made lighting fixtures, will make the place one of the most welcoming in town,” says Annie Giroux, president, founder, AX Design.

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