Beyond the pizza


While the thriving pizza market continues to be an important home base for meat crumbles, there is nothing stopping chefs from trying out a wealth of new recipe ideas. HORMEL PREMORO® crumble toppings can be used in a variety of innovative ways to elevate menu items.

“Bacon crumbles, for example, can provide great flavour in things like pizza rolls, egg rolls, noodle bowls and anywhere else you might use pork but want a smokier flavour added to the mix,” says Dan Glendinning, Country Manager, Canada foodservice, Hormel Foods Canada. “They’re perfect for a bacon carbonara dish or any other recipe that uses diced bacon.”

Chorizo crumbles provide a fantastic way to pump up the flavour of pastas and soups. Or try using them in a Cubano sandwich with white cheddar cheese, mustard and dill pickles on a baguette, or with melted mozzarella cheese on slider buns. Mix the crumble with sauteed onions and peppers with a dash of cilantro-lime olive oil for a tasty sub-style sandwich, or try any other combination of cheeses, grilled vegetables, and condiments of your choosing to dress up a meal.

“What’s great is you can use crumbles ahead of time and take the labour and food waste issues away,” says Glendinning. “Based on the demand we are seeing, it’s clear that meat crumbles are more than just a garden variety pizza topping. All you need is a little imagination.

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