BIC Launches Educational DVD


CALGARY — When it comes to serving customers the best steak possible, securing beautiful cuts of AAA Canadian beef from trusted suppliers is only half the battle — you still need to know how to season and cook it properly.

And just in case there are any foodservice operators out there who need help, the Calgary-based Beef Information Centre has created an educational DVD that demonstrates how to take an order for, prepare and serve the ultimate grilled steak.

Created in partnership with Cara Operations, and featuring Montana’s corporate chef and some of the chains front-of-house staff and managers, this DVD ensures you get the most out of your product.

It features demonstrations to help cooks and servers learn about all the different cuts, — and what level of doneness is optimum for each cut — tips on how to most efficiently receive and store product, as well as techniques for grill management.

Click here to view the DVD.


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