Big Changes Coming to McDonald’s


TORONTO — McDonald’s is launching new initiatives to remain competitive in the growing North American fast-casual segment.

To coincide with McDonald’s 50th anniversary in Canada, the brand plans to renovate 1,000 Canadian locations at the cost of $200,000 to $250,000 each. “This is an ambitious plan for us…It’s a total departure from what we’re known for,” Victor Rocca, Ontario regional VP for McDonald’s Canada, told the Toronto Star.

The fast-food giant will hire an additional 10 employees at the 1,000 locations it plans on renovating, creating 100,000 new jobs.
McDonald’s will also offer both larger and smaller versions of its classic Big Mac sandwich, aptly titled “Grand Mac” and “Mac Jr.”.

All-you-can-eat fries will not be included in the re-branding. McDonald’s squashed the rumours which have been dominating fast-food headlines for the past few weeks, saying the offer was only for one Missouri location’s grand re-opening slated for July.

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