Bishop’s University Announces New Beer Brewing Certificate Program


SHERBROOKE, Que. — Starting this fall, Bishop’s University will offer a graduate certificate program in brewing science, created by associate chemistry professor, Dale Wood who is interested in exploring both the scientific and commercial sides of brewing beer.

“We will look at the very complex science underlying the four ingredients in beer — water, malt, hops and yeast. We also have a business course, because part of craft brewing is understanding the brewing business.”

Wood has been teaching beer history and brewing science to undergraduate students for the past six years. Now, he plans to take it further in his new program, which will be open exclusively to graduate students with degrees in either biology or chemistry.

This will allow Wood to focus more heavily on the chemistry that helps shape the flavour of beer. Wood also created a small brewery on campus, called Bishop’s Arches, which is run by undergraduate students who brew and sell the beer to students, staff and faculty.

“When you look at just how important brewing is as an industry worldwide, if there are eyebrows raised, that brings them down pretty quickly,” Wood explains, adding more than 100,000 people are employed in the industry in Canada. “We’ve seen a doubling of microbreweries in Quebec in the last 10 years.”

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