BK Canada Introduces Maple BBQ Whopper

BurgerKing-maple bbq whopper

TORONTO — Burger King Restaurants of Canada, Inc. has introduced the Maple BBQ Whopper sandwich for a limited time at participating restaurants.

“By introducing premium menu items like the Maple BBQ Whopper we are giving guests a whole new reason to visit our restaurants,” said Lucy Todish, director of Marketing for Burger King Restaurants of Canada, Inc.

“The indulgence factor and quality of our new Whopper sandwich choices have proven to be true winners with Canadians.”

The new sandwich features thicker hardwood-smoked bacon, Canadian cheddar and gourmet Maple barbecue sauce.

The Maple BBQ promotion also includes an introduction of the Maple BBQ Original Chicken Sandwich, Maple BBQ Tendercrisp Chicken Sandwich and Maple BBQ Poutine.

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