BK’s Food Trucks Offer New Menu Samples


MIAMI — Burger King is set to join the food-truck trend by rolling out its own trucks, offering food and drink samples from its new menu as part of its biggest sampling campaign.

Starting April 30, food trucks will travel across 40 cities in the U.S. to hand out complimentary menu items, including new salads, wraps and smoothies. Meanwhile, individual stores will also be distributing samples of new menu items.

The sampling program is part of the chain’s $750-million rebranding initiative, which also includes in-store refreshes, digital menu boards and the signing on of celebrity partners.

“Burger King is so excited about its menu expansion that we are giving guests across the country numerous chances to try them for free,” said Alex Macedo, senior vice-president, North American Marketing, Burger King Corp. “The new menu items have been incredibly well-received by our guests so far, and we are looking forward to introducing these new offerings to even more BK fans as we head across the country.”

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