Bloomberg: Burger King Severs Relationship with OSI Group


SHANGHAI, China — Following Yum China, Burger King is the latest quick-service restaurant to end its supplier relationship with OSI Group LLC after its Shanghai Husi Food Co. Ltd. unit was allegedly found supplying contaminated meat, reports Bloomberg.Yum China cut ties with the company last week.

After an investigation, Burger King decided to stop sourcing its products from the supplier. “This decision may impact the availability of some of our products in China on a temporary basis, but we are working to return supplies to normal levels as soon as possible,” Alix Salyers, a spokesperson for Miami-based Burger King, told Bloomberg. “We apologize to all of our guests and thank you for your understanding.”

Shanghai Husi Food Co. Ltd. supplied meat and some vegetables to Burger King’s approximately 190 locations in China. []

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