Bocuse d’Or 2023 Countries and Platter Theme Announced for Grand Final


LYON, France — The 24 countries selected for the Bocuse d’Or Grand Final, which will be held on Jan. 22 and 23 at the Eurexpo Lyon in France, have been revealed. The countries include:

  • Australia – Alex McIntosh
  • Belgium – Sam Van Houcke
  • Canada – Samuel Sirois
  • Chile – Ari Zuñiga
  • China – Nick Lin
  • Colombia – Carlos Pájaro
  • Denmark – Brian Mark Hansen
  • Estonia – Alexander Gureev
  • Finland – Johan Kurkela
  • France – Naïs Pirollet
  • Hungary – Bence Dalnoki
  • Iceland – Sigurjón Bragi Geirsson
  • Japan – Tomoyuki Ishii
  • Mauritius – Kritesh Halkory
  • Morocco – Faiçal Zahraoui
  • Mexico – Marcelo Hisaki
  • Norway – Filip August Bendi
  • New Zealand – William Mordido
  • South Korea – Hwang Byeong Hyen
  • Sri Lanka – Mihishan Rashminga Silva
  • Sweden – Jimmi Eriksson
  • Switzerland – Christopher Hunziker
  • United Kingdom – Ian Musgrave
  • U.S. – Jeffery Hayashi

Additionally, two wild cards were awarded to Estonia following its performance in the European selections and Sri Lanka, a historic country of the Bocuse d’Or which distinguished itself by its motivation and team spirit in the Asia-Pacific selections. Furthermore, the International Organizing Committee (I.O.C.) revealed the platter theme for the Grand Final will feature seafood products. Candidates will have to create a platter for 15 people based on monkfish, supplied by Seafood From Scotland, a partner of the competition. The I.O.C. will provide each candidate with two monkfishes and scallops to work on a stuffing. As for the garnishes, the teams will have to prepare two vegetable garnishes for the platter as well as a garnish served separately, made from a legume representing their country, mussels and a crouton of their own composition. The theme on a plate will be revealed in mid-November.

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