Bocuse d’Or Team Canada Forms CHEFS CANADA


MONTREAL — After withdrawing from the 2021 Bocuse d’Or Finale, Bocuse d’Or Canada, along with its Board of Directors and sponsors, has launched a new venture — CHEFS CANADA, a novel organization devoted to inspiring culinary excellence, promoting Canadian cuisine, terroir, producers, ingredients and products in Canada, as well as abroad.

Grown from a network of 500 chefs and industry professionals built under the Bocuse d’Or Canada brand, the new entity has a bigger, brighter vision: to shine the spotlight on our industry in order to further define and promote Canadian gastronomy through global competitions and partnerships at home and on the world stage.

“Canada is already home to unique and high-quality ingredients and products, incredible chefs, as well as respected restaurateurs,” explains Thomas Delannoy, president of Bocuse d’Or Team Canada and CHEFS CANADA. “CHEFS CANADA aims to harness these strengths to share knowledge among our community of chefs, raise funds to support our culinary athletes and ultimately foster a thriving and enduring food industry.”

The team’s eagerness to funnel its passion and expertise into supporting the Canadian culinary landscape fuelled it to re-focus, re-organize and launch under its new name. The new and immersive brand was built on three pillars:

  • The Teams — helping grow Canadian food tourism accomplished through participation at distinguished culinary competitions
  • The Chefs’ Academy — a manifestation of the team’s desires to unite, share and transmit knowledge and expertise, techniques and savoir-faire amongst Canadian chefs, as well as to the next generation
  • The Chefs’ Pantry — foodies will be able to experience the best Canada has to offer through a gourmet line of branded food products created and signed by some of our country’s greatest chefs

To magnify its impact on the ‘teams’ front, CHEFS CANADA is adding chefs to its roster from a World Pastry Cup team as well as support contenders in the World Pâté Croûte Championship. And, proceeds generated from the CHEFS CANADA Pantry will directly support the development of the national teams CHEFS CANADA represents.

To launch the Chefs’ Academy, the team has partnered with Sysco to launch the Chefs’ Academy podcast. Each month, host Jay Ashton, Sysco’s National Business Resources lead, will deep dive into topics effecting the Canadian restaurant industry. He will offer his inspiration and solutions to assist Canadian chefs and restaurateurs in building successful and profitable restaurants.

Also launching in March, CHEFS CANADA and Sysco Grand Montreal are coming together to help keep Montreal kitchens open by offering foodies exclusive dishes made in collaboration between its chefs and local eateries.

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